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Tensar TriAx TX-G

While we re-engineered the geogrid with TriAx to outperform even Tensar biaxial alternatives, there was still a need for a geocomposites that could combine the high performance structural stabilising effect of the geogrid with the separation function of a geotextile. This is for use in application areas with high water levels or mobile subgrade soils and when using fill that is not well graded. The geocomposites is installed geogrid side up so it interacts with the granular fill.

Tensar TriAx TX-G geogrid incorporates the advanced technology of TriAx which is then combined with a non-woven geotextile laminated to the geogrid structure. (Click here to see an animated demonstration of TriAx in action.) This process provides extra filtration and separation, preventing adverse effect on performance which can created by fine subgrade particles moving up into an open-graded aggregate layer.

    Tensar TriAx TX-G

    Our team of experienced Engineers use the unique TensarPave software to provide everything from a basic application suggestion, all the way up to a full design and supply service.

    With TX and TX-G, benefits include:

    • Incredible performance on saturated soils
    • Additional separation when using open-grade aggregates
    • Reduction of the aggregate layer thickness by as much as half compared to an unstabilised aggregate layer 
    • Reduction of the excavation required
    • Control differential settlement
    • Increase bearing capacity
    • full design service 
    • Reduction in the difficulty and safety risk for operatives, placing a separator fabric over very weak ground

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