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SediMax Systems

Unprotected topsoil, particularly on slopes and construction sites, is vulnerable to sediment migration and runoff problems. Significant damage can occur until these areas are ready for permanent erosion control.

SediMax Systems

Tensar® SediMaxTM Systems can prevent much of the damage and save millions spent on restoring slopes, rebuilding drainage channels and dredging ponds and streams.

SediMax Systems’ products include:

  • SediMax-FRTM Filtration Rolls
One of the most versatile sediment filtration products on the market,SediMax-FR (Filtration Rolls) create temporary, three-dimensional structures perfect for forest fire rehabilitation, bioengineering projects, construction sites, ski slopes, wetland mitigation and other applications where storm water runoff is a concern. The 100% biodegradable product is made from a 70% straw/30% coconut fibre matrix reinforced with biodegradable netting rolled edge-to-edge.
  • SediMax-SWTM Straw Wattles
SediMax-SW (Straw Wattles) are economical alternatives to silt fence and straw bales for sediment control and storm water runoff. They can be staked along the contours of newly constructed or disturbed slopes, wrapped around storm drain inlets and used as check dams on slopes and in swales and grass waterways. Straw wattles are made from recycled, compressed, agricultural straw cylinders wrapped in photodegradable netting.

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