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RevetMax Systems

Flexible revetment mats provide cost-effective protection from turbulent water flow and moderate wave attack. The Tensar RevetMaxTM System can be ideal for applications where riprap, articulated concrete blocks or other rigid materials are normally used.

RevetMax Systems also:

  • Are highly flexible and install easily over difficult topography
  • Are non-buoyant to prevent floating or uplifting in submerged conditions
  • Promote vegetation growth through voids in the mat
  • Are easy to maintain

RevetMax Systems

Combined with a Tensar® VMax® Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) or other underlayment, this unique armouring solution dramatically elevates permissible shear stress and velocity protection. 

ShoreMax® Transition Mats

Flexible, UV-stabilised ShoreMax Transition Mats protect highly erosive areas including shoreline transition zones, channel bottoms and pipe outlets and outfalls. The RevetMax Systems’ ShoreMax Mat can also be used for slope drains typically associated with car parks, roadways, mines and landfills. As a flexible revetment system, it can provide soft armouring on shorelines and spillway applications where wave attack can reach critical stages. Combined with an unvegetated VMax TRM underlayment, a ShoreMax Mat can withstand flow-induced shear stresses of 8.6 psf (412 Pa) and velocities up to 19.5 fps (5.9 m/s).

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