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Tensar Architects Brochure
The unrivalled experienced of Tensar International’s staff is available to help you create stunning looking yet economical earth retaining systems.
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Tensar Asphalt Pavements Brochure
Tensar asphalt reinforcement applications – an intelligent solution to the demand for road durability.
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Tensar Ballast Stabilisation
Mechanical stabilisation of the ballast layer using Tensar geogrids has been shown to reduce the rate of track settlement and therefore increase the period between maintenance operations with whole life benefits.
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Tensar Basal Reinforcement Brochure
Basetex high-strength geotextiles can be used to reinforce the base of embankments to intercept failure surfaces which may extend into a low-strength foundation soil.
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Tensar Erosion Control Brochure
Tensar erosion products provide a high-performance and economical solution for the control of erosion.
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Tensar General Brochure
Tensar technology – proven, practical products and systems and the know-how to get them built.
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Tensar Geopier Foundations Brochure
Use Rammed Aggregate Pier® systems by Tensar Geopier to Strengthen Soft Soils.
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Tensar GlasstexPatch 880 Flyer
Tensar Glasstex® Patch™ 880 provides quick and easy localised maintenance repairs before paving operations. Use directly on existing pavements, finely milled surfaces, concrete substrates, for bridging cracks or to reinforce fractured asphalt.
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Tensar Mining Brochure
Saving money from a well designed haul road. High performance stabilisation solutions of roads and working areas.
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Tensar Oil and Gas Brochure
Gaining access to a drilling site, often in a remote location can be a challenging part of any oil or gas project. Roads and drilling pads are often constructed over poor soils and are frequently subjected to severe weather.
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Tensar Railway Brochure
Stabilisation of the ballast layer using Tensar TriAx geogrids can substantially delay track settlement increasing periods between maintenance operations.
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Tensar Spectra Pavement Optimisation System
Tensar Spectra Pavement Optimisation System brochure.
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Tensar Sub ballast Stabilisation
With the use of Tensar TriAx geogrids, a significant reduction of sub-ballast layer thickness can be achieved with no detriment to the bearing capacity.
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Tensar Subgrade Stabilisation Brochure
Tensar® TriAx Geogrids have proven to be extremely efficient at confining and stabilising aggregate. TriAx has replaced Tensar biaxial geogrids in most stabilisation applications, delivering even greater cost savings.
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Tensar Wind Energy Brochure
Gaining access to a wind farm site, often in a remote location, can be a challenging part of any wind energy project.
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